Winecage, history

I am a young boy who has decided to get involved, to accept the challenge that life has given me; the passion for the vineyard and its products! And to devote myself to the best, I also left my previous job, the so-called permanent job. It was June 2017 when I started working the vineyards, totally neophyte. In a short time I began to learn a lot; I began to know the vines, the soils, to understand when a vine is healthy. In the same year, the first vinification, followed by experts, with excellent results! Within a few years, I decided to make the leap in quality; open my winery. Thus was born, in 2020, Winecage. I have always set myself a goal, to be able to produce quality wines, with an eye to the customer. With this philosophy, in not too long times, I have enjoyed great success from those who, even with a little reluctance, wanted to taste my wines. In just one year, Winecage has increased its Italian clientele by over 60%, also managing to touch European and non-European countries, a sign that my productions are also appreciated outside our borders.

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